The Artisanal Belgian Beers

Belgian ingredients:

Taste comes first at Microbrewery De Backer!

That’s why I mainly brew with high-quality Belgian ingredients.

Belgian Malt0%
Belgian Hops0%
Belgian Yeast0%

Short food supply chain:

✔ By working mainly with Belgian ingredients, the impact of transport is reduced. Less transport = less CO2.

✔ We support the local hop farmers and in this way we help to maintain the Belgian hop culture.

✔ Direct contact between the brewer and the beer enthusiast.

Brewed by an artisan with great care:

✔ Only brewed with natural ingredients without the use of additives, preservatives, foam improvers, artificial flavourings, colour pigments, …

✔ Top fermented beers with refermentation in the bottle.

✔ Unfiltered and unpasteurised.



Hazy blonde wheat beer

6,3% VOL. – IBU 30

Refreshing with a mild bitterness and a slightly acidic touch.

By adding fresh ginger root and coriander seed a subtle spicy taste is obtained.

Pikaflor means hummingbird in Spanish-speaking South America.


Hoppy amber ale

5,5% VOL. – IBU 32

Characterized by an expressive hoppy aroma and a balanced bitterness.

Most of the hops are added after the main fermentation, this ensures that extra aromatic oils from the hops dissolve in the beer.

The spices (originating from the rye malt and yeast) are a nice complement to the well-considered hopiness.


PIKAFLOR Fresh Hop Harvest

Hazy blonde wheat beer – Limited edition

6,3% VOL. – IBU 30

Each year in September, PIKAFLOR is brewed with fresh hand-picked hop cones from our own hopyard.

This limited edition beer therefore has a surprisingly smoother taste which will vary every harvest year.